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Shane Warne and AnnaLynne McCord Strike Up Flirty Relationship

Shane Warne AnnaLynne McCord

Photos: WENN

When a man cheats on his missus, he deserves bad relationship karma for years to come. Somehow Aussie cricketer Shane Warne continues to be rewarded for his wrong-doings to now ex-wife, Simone Callaghan, landing Elizabeth Hurley, who he also allegedly cheated on, and now we think he could be striking something up with 90210 star AnnaLynne McCord.

We don’t make assumptions like this lightly, because we’d never want to give Shane any hope that the 27-year-old bombshell was interested unless there was good reason to suspect such a thing. Enter flirtatious tweets between the two, because 45-year-old Warney has upgraded since his devious text-messaging ways.

“Hope all good your way & you’re behaving this weekend hahaha…. See you soon !!!!!,” Shane tweeted to AnnaLynne on April 18, but she got her flirt on even harder in response. “#Behaving ? Me? Hardly! See you soon,” she wrote, offering a cheeky-face and kiss emoticon in the mix.





















Things kind of took a friendly turn when Shane replied, emoticon-less, wishing her luck for a speech about surviving sexual assault for S.A.A.F.E Week. So while at first we choked on our vomit a bit and became a little thirsty, we’re thinking things here could be strictly platonic. With Warney, though, you just never know, especially when he’s known for batting above his average.