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Fern Mallis to Be Honored with Saks Fifth Avenue Window Displays

Fern Mallis

Image: WENN

Who better than a fashion legend, the woman credited with starting New York Fashion Week, to be honored by Saks Fifth Avenue with an epic window display? Saks is dedicating a chunk of its storefront to Fern Mallis in celebration of her new book, Fashion Lives.

Mallis’ 92 Street Y “Fashion Icons” talks serve as the inspiration for the tome, a rich collection of musings from some of the world’s most noted and influential fashion personalities. The book includes interviews with Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson, Bruce Weber and more. Saks is drawing from the interviews in the book and creating a set of 16 windows which will feature mannequins clad in duds from a the designers included in the book. Sounds like it’s already shaping up to be quite a diverse display.

You can already pick up Mallis’ book at Barnes and Noble, and if you’re a fan (let’s be honest, who isn’t?) of Mallis, brace yourself because she revealed to WWD that she may take her talents to broadcast TV, although nothing is yet confirmed. But for the record, if Fern does make it to T.V., you can guarantee we’ll be watching.

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