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Olivier Rousteing’s Têtu Cover Got Him Plenty of Propositions



Anyone with eyes can see that Olivier Rousteing is a handsome guy. And it’s probably part of the reason why the 29-year-old designer is so popular on Instagram. And thanks to that nude Têtu magazine cover he posed for, the world is free to see even more of Rousteing’s gorgeous bod beyond the shirtless selfies he posts from time to time (yeah, we’re looking). 

And we’re not alone. According to Rousteing, Têtu made him even more popular on social media. “After the cover came out, I received so many sexual propositions on Facebook,” the designer told Document Journal. We can only imagine how many people were trying to slide into Rousteing’s DM’s.

Still, we’re guessing the guy is pretty used to people trying to get at him. As he reveals in the interview, one of his past jobs was as a go-go dancer in Florence. “I got paid 200 euros a night—It was a dressed gig,” he said. “There I actually had a roommate who would bring home a new lover every night. I must have done a world tour in three months.”

OK, at this point we’re pretty sure that Olivier Rousteing is and has been leading the best life ever. Carry on, oh soldier of fabulosity.

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