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Oops. Lucky Brand Customers Won’t Be Getting the One-Cent Denim They Hoped for



Is there anything you can buy these days for a penny? Probably not much, but for a few Lucky Brand shoppers, a penny could get them a brand new pair of jeans – or at least they thought it could. Thanks to a leaked discount code, Lucky Brand customers found that their jeans, which would usually set them back between $100 and $130 dollars, would cost them a mere penny. Too bad it doesn’t seem as if Lucky Brand is going to honor any of those purchases. According to Bloomberg, it has already canceled some orders.

Lucky tweeted about the big mix-up, saying that the discount code was meant for employees and was “not advertised by us anywhere.” Many people who missed out on the deals complained that Lucky Brand’s policies state that all sales are final. Of course, Lucky had a loophole for that argument. “‘Final Sale’ only applies to clearance items ending in $0.97,” they explained in a tweet.

Tricky, tricky! So, if you got psyched about copping two pairs of fancy jeans at a fraction of the cost, you can probably expect an email from Lucky in your inbox – and a coupon to use on future purchases to make up for the mistake. Though we’re pretty sure your next Lucky Brand purchase won’t be as inexpensive.

[via Bloomberg]