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Gemma Ward on Her 6-Year Hiatus and Alien Looks


image: WENN


Gemma Ward’s wide-eyed babydoll look made her one of the most in-demand models of the aughts, and now that she’s having something of a comeback, the world is loving her even more. But Ward isn’t necessarily keen on the looks that made her famous. 

“Sometimes I wish that I didn’t look like an alien,” Ward told “I was probably aware of it (that I looked different) but it gets more heightened as you get older.” But she’s not complaining. “It can be great to look striking and different and you can embrace that if that’s what you’ve got going for you.”

Ward also talked about her six-year hiatus when she took time off from modeling to pursue other projects. Turns out, her break from the fashion world was much longer than she expected it to be. “I was searching for ways to define myself away from modelling and also just exploring things that were already a part of me, like writing and playing music and painting,” she explained. “I didn’t intend in the beginning for it (the break) to take so long but I’m really glad that I took the time and I feel like it’s been enriching.”

Ah, the life of a top model. One day, you’re riding high booking magazine covers, the next day you’re so over it, you spend your time painting landscapes and recording songs in Garage Band. We should all be so lucky.