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Watch: Drake Was so Not into Madonna’s Coachella Ambush Makeout Session

Madonna kissing Drake

Image: Getty

Drake got a bit more than he bargained for during his Coachella performance this weekend. The rapper took the stage to perform “Madonna,” off his new album, If You’re Reading This It’s too Late. For a little help with the song, Drake got none other than pop legend Madonna to make an appearance during the performance. If we know anything about Madonna, it’s that she loves to make waves and stir the pot. 

After the singer joined Drake on stage, she pulled his head back and planted an impromptu fat kiss on his lips, a kiss we can only assume was open-mouthed, due to the intensity of it…and Drake’s expression, which looked like a mixture of surprise, confusion and displeasure. “I’m Madonna,” the Rebel Heart singer said before exiting the stage. “What the f•••k just happened?” Drake said after the incident.

Oh, Madonna. The 2003 VMA’s were almost 12 years ago. These old shenanigans are not the best way to show how hip and current you are. Also, we can’t help but feel slightly icky at the fact that the kiss caught him totally off guard. What if the roles were reversed and Drake kissed Madonna essentially without her permission? We don’t think the feminist popstar would be too thrilled about that.

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