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The Internet According to Drake, Thanks to a New Site

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Google’s cool and all, but we could all use a search engine with a bit of a sensitive touch, couldn’t we? Enter: Let Me Drake That for You.

A spinoff of the internet site Let Me Google That for You, which allows you to simultaneously help out internet users who ask questions that can easily be Googled and throw shade at their laziness at the same time, Let Me Drake That for You is an engine that allows you to search anything – and find out how it’s related to Drake.

It’s brilliant. Creator Tyler Smith describes the engine as “Google, on fleek,” and promises to keep updating in order to bring up a wider selection of Drake-related topics. We searched our website (naturally) with Let Me Drake That for You and yup – it’s pretty darn great.

So next time you have a query about filets and truffle butter or your woes, you know where to look.

[via LMDTFY]