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North West Loves Shoes, Hates Headgear


When your mother has become something of a fashion icon built in your father’s image, you’ll probably grow up having strong opinions about fashion. Such seems to be the case with North West, at least according to her mother Kim Kardashian West. The reality TV star is releasing the latest Kardashian Kids collection, and sat down with Vogue to chat about her latest endeavor. Of course, no interview with Kim about children’s clothes would be complete without a discussion about young North West’s sartorial proclivities, and Ms. Kardashian West was only happy to offer up the deets on her 22-month-old daughter’s favorite things to wear. “Every day she wakes up and says ‘shoes,’” the reality TV star said. “You have to bargain with her—before you change her diaper she needs a pair of shoes on.” 

But footwear isn’t the only feature of little Nori’s accessories game. “North does love handbags,” Kardashian West told the mag. “And anything where there’s a little bit of glitz.” But much like her daddy, there are certain fashion items Nori simply cannot stand. She is not yet old enough to go on a Twitter rant about her sartorial peeves, so her mother instead takes up the cross in explaining the kind of sh*t Nori don’t like – for example, headbands. “She hasn’t been the biggest fan of keeping something on her head,” Kardashian West said.

Easter services (pictured above) must have been North’s worst accessory nightmare, then.

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