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UK Tabloids Are so Sorry for Running False Stories about Kate Moss

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Some of the UK’s biggest news publications are begging for Kate Moss’ forgiveness after running false information about the model’s health. Of course we all know how juicy gossip stories about the rich and famous’ private exploits are journalistic gold for many publications, but sometimes the craziest stories, the ones that seem too good to be true are exactly just that. It’s a lesson Grazia, the Mail on Sunday and The Sun were reminded of after they published stories claiming that Moss had been whisked away in an ambulance following Mario Testino’s birthday party back in October, some insinuating that the incident was part of a grand cover-up to mask health concerns the model is dealing with. 

Since the story wound up being false, all three papers have published retractions, apologizing to Moss for any damage done to her name over the fabricated tales. “An article on March 8 said an ambulance was called when Kate Moss became ill at a late night party at the Chiltern Firehouse hotel in London last October,” the Mail published in its Clarifications and Retractions section. “We now accept that this incident did not occur and that no ambulance was called for her. We apologise to Miss Moss for any offence caused.”

We’re just mostly glad that Kate Moss is in good health. 

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