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Minnie Mouse to Be Celebrated During London Fashion Week

Minnie Mouse

Image: WENN

As New Yorkers, we are quite familiar with rodents, particularly the stylish type. Just ask any Vogue staffer allegedly battling an onslaught of fashionably-inclined rats running through the hallowed halls of the magazine. But as the Vogue rats wait to be recognized for their impeccable taste, another rodent is to be showered with praise and accolades come London Fashion Week.

We’re talking, of course, about Minnie Mouse, who is arguably the world’s most stylish rodent. She will be getting her due shine come September with a BFC-sponsored exhibit about the cartoon mouse’s sartorial proclivities, aptly called Minnie Style. Georgia May Jagger, who appeared on the cover of Love‘s Fall 2013 issue in a set of Minnie Mouse ears, will curate and promote the show. 

In addition, Jagger will appear in  a Minnie Mouse-themed spread in the next issue of Dazed magazine, which will be available starting April 9. Catch the Minnie Style exhibit from September 18 to 22.

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