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Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company Launches Bags

Jessica Alba is giving you a place to stuff all your eco-friendly diapers and organic baby food. The Honest Company founder is adding a selection of handbags to her repertoire. She has released a three-style range of vegan leather carryalls, boasting deep pockets and plenty of convenient compartments, all in one sleek and chic package. 

The Honest Everything Tote, Carryall Satchel and City Backpack are some of the newest additions to The Honest Company’s collection, each one ideal for a mom on-the-go. They’re certainly not your average baby bags. They come in very stylish black and elephant gray hues and look more like an accessory for a cool girl who carries her entire life in her bag, rather than something for busy moms. Seriously, where were these bags when we were in high school juggling our textbooks, SAT word flashcards and iPods in one supremely disorganized tote?

Expect to pay $149.95 for the backpack, $169.95 for the tote and the satchel is the most expensive piece, coming in at $179.95.

Almost makes us want to start a brood of our own…almost.

[h/t Glamour]