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Bhumika Arora Is the Star of UK ELLE’s Multi-Model August Cover (Forum Buzz)

We’ve become so accustomed to seeing actresses and musicians on the covers of mainstream fashion titles every month that it was a breath of fresh air to see a handful of models on the latest issue of British ELLE. Because, let’s face it, UK ELLE had a lot to make up for after last month’s Bella Hadid reprint. After asking its social media followers to select their favorite shot (which was to ultimately end up as the August 2016 cover), the people have spoken and opted for the one below, featuring beauties Ysaunny Brito, Bhumika Arora, Sofie Hemmet and Maggi Jablonski. Captured by Kai Z Feng, the girls each hold their own while wearing Prada.

UK Elle August 2016 by Kai Z Feng


But the cover had our forum members divided in their opinions. “That wouldn’t win any awards for ‘best use of a brick wall on a fashion magazine cover’. Was there not some – any sort – of better background material than that?” asked an underwhelmed tigerrogue straight away.

“If anything it looks very generic. That brick wall background is beyond amateur hour. And the cast is quite bland. It could have worked if they booked better models,” added GivenchyHomme.

In agreement over how disappointed the cover turned out was MON: “This feels weak. There’s something about it that doesn’t feel right!”

However, not everyone was left so deflated. “I’m so happy for Ysaunny and Bhumika. Bhumika looks so good here!” praised a delighted apple.

Burbuja8910 felt the same way: “Fine cover, but Bhumika is the true star of them all.”

“Kudos to the team at ELLE UK for putting some fresh faces, but I agree with others who say Bhumika’s the star of the show. Let’s be honest, she may as well be the only girl on the cover, she’s got the makings of a supermodel,” applauded KINGofVERSAILLES.

“It should’ve been only Bhumika! All eyes immediately go towards her. Glad for Ysaunny and the others as well, but overall I’m not a fan of this. Looks very budget,” said Benn98, still feeling underwhelmed by the final outcome.

How do you feel about the cover? Could it be better? Add your own two cents here.