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Prada Miscasts Actor Eddie Redmayne as the Face of Menswear for Fall 2016 (Forum Buzz)

Our forums are never afraid to declare their love for Prada campaigns with the Pre-Fall 2016 campaign having just been declared a huge success. But now as we eagerly await the release of the fashion house’s mainline Fall 2016 advertisements, Prada has unveiled the brand new menswear campaign, catching us a little off guard. Replacing the likes of Billy Howle, Logan Lerman and Matthew Beard is Brit actor Eddie Redmayne, who is unveiled as the Italian brand’s new face for the fall season. Photographed by Craig McDean, the Oscar-winning actor just doesn’t seem to be the right fit.

Members of our forums weren’t afraid to call Prada out on this casting mishap. “Looks good but Eddie’s face is so Burberry to me,” reflected testinofan the moment the campaign dropped, recalling the actor’s ad campaigns for Burberry.

“Yeah he doesn’t fit the brand IMO, I see Burberry too. I hate that they use celebs,” added a frustrated SpeakThatJDunn.

Also left underwhelmed was Marc10: “It’s so sadly commercial, like most of their men’s ads. It’s disappointing because this collection was so rich in storytelling value, and also disappointing because Eddie is so high fashion and could carry on something more artistic.”

“He doesn’t suit Prada and this is really nothing special. Shame cause it was a good collection,” gossiping echoed.

“The images are really nice but they lack a certain Prada-esque feeling about them. Rather flat,” agreed anlabe32.

“It’s the casting choice that makes this fall flat for me. Given the same background and photographer, someone like Clement [Chabernaud] could have brought this to life much better,” replied a disapproving Vinciano.

“I don’t think Eddie’s edgy enough for Prada, too classically clean cut and everyday joe. Not to mention his overexposure over the last few years,” pointed out a less than impressed HeatherAnne.

Ouch. Better luck next season, Prada! For what it’s worth, see the rest of the campaign and join the debate here.