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Mario Testino’s New Burberry Campaign Starring Edie Campbell Is a Winner (Forum Buzz)

It’s that time of the year again where the new advertising campaigns start to trickle out. One of the first to surface is Burberry, once again shot by Mario Testino. As opposed to last season which featured a handful of fashionable personalities, Burberry opted for just two faces for its new Fall 2016 offering, tapping Brit beauty Edie Campbell to star alongside actor Callum Turner. To accompany Testino’s vibrant images are some quirky illustrations by artist Luke Edward Hal, which show off various Burberry accessories in a whole new light.

Burberry F/W 2016.17 : Edie Campbell & Callum Turner by Mario Testino


Forum members were happy to see something different from the brand. “This is really cool actually. Miles better than anything Testino and Burberry have done for years,” praised anlabe32 immediately, setting us off on a high note.

“I actually quite like this. Edie has been everywhere with Burberry in recent months, so no surprise. I love the almost cartoonish element of the photography,” admired Edie123.

Also pleasantly surprised was YohjiAddict: “I like it! It’s fun, fresh and infinitely better than what they usually put out. Who knew Testino still had some talent in him. The years of terrible filters make me forget that from time to time.”

Kokobombon shared the same attitude, approving, “FINALLY something both different and good from Burberry and Testino!”

“This is good and I agree, it seems like a lot of effort was put in to create this campaign. The clothes even look good here!” said fluxxx.

“Well, it’s by far the best Burberry ad I’ve seen, not because it’s particularly extraordinary, but because it looks like some work and thought process was actually put in the making,” echoed Marc10.

In agreement was TaylorBinque: “Actually, I’m digging this. Edie’s working it.”

Burberry F/W 2016.17 : Edie Campbell & Callum Turner by Mario Testino


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