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Bella Hadid Announced as Dior Beauty’s Newest Ambassador (Forum Buzz)

Bella Hadid is most definitely becoming a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. It was only last month that she scored her very first Vogue cover and notably covered a mainstream American fashion bible — to the delight of our forum members. Today it was announced that the 19-year-old beauty has inked a contract with the iconic French fashion house Christian Dior. Bella is set to star alongside Peter Philips, creative and image director of Christian Dior Makeup, in a series of web videos, which are set for release on June 6. Considering Bella’s recent achievements, it really hasn’t come as a total surprise. Next stop: World domination.

The news certainly caught the eye of our forum members. “Jesus, the celeb models are really taking over everything aren’t they. She’s beautiful but I thought Dior was better than this,” complained anlabe32 at once.

“Wow, quite a coup for Bella!! The few beauty close-ups I’ve seen of her were actually pretty good, so I don’t think she will be a bad fit,” commented Benn98 shortly after.

In the same frame of mind was sixtdaily, pointing out, “Yeah it is definitely a great boost for Bella’s career. It just shows how desperate Dior has become. I wish they would spend their time and money on recruiting a new creative director instead…”

“WOW, good for Bella but…Dior, really? They are really lost. It’s almost embarrassing. At least, it’s not Kendall [Jenner],” mocked Lola701.

Creative wasn’t in the mood for it, either. “Couldn’t care less about makeup campaign these days, but hiring her seems desperate,” he agreed.

“I actually think this could work quite well…and I don’t think there are any fashion houses left that are immune from the Instagirl craze. I’ve long since given up,” wrote Edie123.

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