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Harper’s Bazaar UK Joins the Growing List of Magazines Giving Us an Awkward Cover of Emilia Clarke (Forum Buzz)

We’ve been waiting for Emilia Clarke’s Harper’s Bazaar cover shoot to surface for what feels like an eternity. Our forums half expected it as last month’s cover after spotting Emilia on set back in February. The outcome is finally here for the July 2016 cover story and the Game of Thrones star oozes charm and charisma on location in Malibu. For the subscribers’ cover (below), Emilia poses for David Slijper, making a haute couture piece by Christian Dior look somewhat wearable.

UK Harper's Bazaar July 2016 : Emilia Clarke by David Slijper


But as per usual, Emilia’s presence wasn’t enough to captivate our forum members. “Whatever she’s wearing looks really lovely on her, but there’s something very odd about the pose. They always seem to capture her at the most awkward moment. Love the fresh colours and summery setting!” voiced Benn98.

“I so want a magazine to do her incredible beauty justice but it always just seems to fall flat for me. I like what they were going for here but her pose looks like the wind was cold but she’s trying to still make us all believe she’s baking in the midday sun,” pointed out an unforgiving honeycombchild.

Feeling the same way was liaa, echoing, “I don’t like it at all. She doesn’t look pretty. Weird pose and her face doesn’t look nice as well.”

Emmanuelle shared the same underwhelming sentiments. “The mood is here, but it doesn’t really work. Maybe the angle could have been better,” she asked.

“What a letdown! This does not work, so awkward!! There are better paparazzi photos of her than this, why chose this angle?!!!” fumed Miss Dalloway.

“OMG, I did laugh a little. This is tragic. They should’ve Photoshopped a dragon in the sky to take away from the awkward pose,” laughed SpeakThatJDunn.

Forum member narcyza wasn’t much of an admirer, either, writing, “Another awful cover of her.”

UK Harper's Bazaar July 2016 : Emilia Clarke by David Slijper


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