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Laetitia Casta Shows Off a Stunning Cropped ‘Do on Harper’s Bazaar Spain (Forum Buzz)

It appears as though Harper’s Bazaar Spain is slowly getting back into our good graces, having just unveiled its August 2015 cover featuring the gorgeous Laetitia Casta. Casta, who’s certainly no stranger to magazine covers, having graced both Vogue Paris and Vogue Spain in the past, looks as stunning as ever. The French bombshell shows off her newly-chopped locks before the lens of Alique. However, there are a few niggles, which forum members weren’t afraid to pick out.

Harper's Bazaar Spain August 2015 Laetitia Casta by Alique


“Wow she looks stunning, her new hair is so refreshing,” admired elle_gb instantly.

“This is beautiful! That hair gives the edgy feel the cover! I love it!” MON added in agreement.

Also more than satisfied to see Casta on the cover was happycanadian: “God, her face. One of the most beautiful models of all time, in my opinion.”

Forum member A.D.C. was feeling the cover too, echoing, “This is the most high fashion thing she’s done in ages even more so than her Vogue Paris stuff.”

After all the love came some grumbles. “She looks like your average boring Victoria’s Secret model instead of the goddess she is, don’t like at all,” Wintergreen complained.

“The eyebrows are a little too pronounced, but she looks so beautiful,” pointed out marsnoop2.

“Amazing cover but it’s so Photoshopped that it almost looks like a drawing,” Oxymore ranted.

Laetitia’s flawless cover story is sure to cement your judgement. Check it out and join the conversation here.