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Edie and Olympia Campbell Give Us the Creeps on Vogue Germany (Forum Buzz)

Karl Lagerfeld most definitely has his favorites when it comes to models and with Edie and Olympia Campbell’s starring turn on Vogue Germany, he adds the sisterly duo to his ever-growing list of faves. The Chanel creative director captured the British beauties for German Vogue‘s eye-catching May 2015 cover, which ultimately reminds us of an 18th century painting. While this is Olympia’s debut cover, Edie is certainly no stranger to the publication, already having several covers under her belt, including Vogue Germany’s November 2013 issue.

Vogue Germany May 2015 Edie & Olympia Campbell Karl Lagerfeld


Although our forum members are left horrified by the outcome. “Oh my! This is terrible! Scary looking cover with both of them looking horrible. Simply not a cover shot, the text layout, no text would work here!” Miss Dalloway immediately ranted.

“They look like a painting for the 18th century. Art realness gone bad,” added MON.

Also not feeling the cover was MyNameIs, who was quick to complain, “What a nightmare. Yikes. There’s not one redeeming quality about it.”

In agreement was Benn98: “Vile! God knows how Vogue Germany still manages to stay afloat with these atrocious covers. They really seem to sell solely on their masthead alone, otherwise the content is always tepid. What a waste of poor Edie. Christiane can pack her bags, and take Karl with her while she’s at it.”

Forum member Nepenthes wasn’t so fond, either, writing, “This feels like it’s too zoomed in.”

“This looks like something that will give me nightmares because they both look like some ghosts who will haunt the living people. It’s really awful. Probably one of the worst covers I have ever seen,” disapproved KateTheGreatest.

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