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Mixed Reactions on Chelsea Clinton’s ELLE Cover Shot (Forum Buzz)

ELLE‘s May issue features the latest in a string of surprising magazine cover stars we’ve seen over the past few months. Released just as her mother Hillary Clinton announced she will be running for president in 2016, Chelsea Clinton poses for Paola Kudacki in a conservative little black dress by Gucci, but ultimately ends up looking rather uncomfortable.

US ELLE May 2015 Chelsea Clinton Paola Kudacki


The majority of our forum members are left cold. “Most of the time, people on fashion magazine covers are better-looking than me. I don’t know what to think when they aren’t,” commented tigerrogue. Ouch.

“UGH. Terrible cover shot, and I’m sure she’s lovely but she’s not exactly photogenic. I also don’t love when fashion magazines go overly political, but I’ll reserve judgment until I read the story,” SallyAlbright added.

Also not feeling it was Nomar: “So boring and everything looks awkward.”

Forum member jal718 informed us that the issue “will go from my mailbox to my garbage can in record speed.”

As always, the thread was separated in opinions. “Don’t think she’s traditionally beautiful by any stretch of the imagination, but why should she have to be? Most people aren’t. Men’s magazines like GQ or Esquire feature men on them who are chosen for reasons other than how they look. Why shouldn’t women’s magazines do the same?” asked KINGofVERSAILLES.

“I think it’s a great cover for someone who’s not an actress/singer/model. I like the styling and the desk touch, they give her a ‘powerful woman’ vibe and it’s nice to see on a women’s magazine – fashion or not,” kokobombon appreciated.

Fashionlover2001 failed to see anything wrong also, writing, “It’s a beautiful cover. She’s a beautiful girl. I don’t [see] why people are complaining.”

Don’t see what all the fuss is about either? Vent your opinion here.