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Sasha Luss Is Vogue China’s Ethereal May Cover Girl (Forum Buzz)

After botching Freja Beha Erichsen‘s makeup on its atrocious April cover, Vogue China has moved swiftly on to the release of its May 2015 issue. We always applaud the Chinese edition of Vogue for using the best models in the business and the mag just tapped the current face of Christian Dior‘s cosmetics line for Summer 2015Sasha Luss. Shot by Boo George in the middle of the desert, the finished shot has a wonderful, natural look.

Vogue China May 2015 Sasha Luss Boo George


Forum member TREVOFASHIONISTO hit us off on a positive note, describing the cover as “beautiful.”

“Stunning cover, she looks flawless,” commented a delighted burbuja8910.

Also showing Vogue China some support was A.D.C.: “Can we kick British Vogue out of the big four club and replace it with the Chinese edition? I think this is the only edition I can genuinely be excited about seeing what’s inside.”

Benn98 agreed, posting, “This is indeed divine, love the colors. Weirdly enough I like the child pageant hair too. Something about this setting reminds me of Arizona’s cover, with the red hair. Very glad for Sasha!”

“I love how soft her face looks here. Sometimes it looks so edgy but she’s proven she can be a chameleon,” littlekiki noted, singing Sasha’s praises loud and clear.

“Stunning cover, Sasha also takes it beyond just looking beautiful, her expression is interesting in a menacing kind of way. I bet this will be even better in print. As always, super excited for the content,” enthused Miss Dalloway.

Does Vogue China’s May cover tick all your boxes? Let us know here.