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We’re So Over Sia and These Wigs, as She Covers Interview’s April Issue (Forum Buzz)

Interview delivers yet another unconventional image for its newly-released cover but the concept has unfortunately fallen flat with our forum members. The Andy Warhol-founded title selected Sia as its subject for their April 2015 issue, posing for Gregory Harris wearing a Balenciaga creation which is evidently overshadowed by an obnoxious wig. Although we admire a magazine that takes risks, we cannot help but grant this cover pretentious.

Interview April 2015 Sia Gregory Harris


“Not liking this at all. The shot and the layout doesn’t make this look like a cover at all. I don’t like the gradient shadow as well. It’s like a teaser cover” disapproved MON

“Just tired of the gimmick at this point, and when its been done to death, all you get is a big yawn. Exactly what this cover made me do!” Miss Dalloway agreed.

TeeVanity failed to show enthusiasm either. “Oh dear, I like the cover but it would have been great if it was someone else hiding their face. Sia has stretched this hidden face era too long now. I thought since she have a new album coming up soon it would have changed but maybe she’s caring on that same message.” he questioned.

Also underwhelmed was Marc10, “The fact that she likes the hide her face and her overall persona was a perfect chance for them to do something really outside of the box and eye catching, but sadly the cover turned out very lackluster. People like Guido do such incredible how with wigs and sculptural hair, so this was a big missed opportunity.”

“This might be same old same old for Sia but it’s not every day that you see a person’s face completely obscured on the cover of a US magazine. The colors are very attractive too so this will definitely be arresting in real life.” appreciated Melancholybaby, switching the mood up a notch.

Take a peek at Sia’s cover story inside the thread and share your own sentiments here.