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Kacey Musgraves, Megan Rapinoe, Lilly Singh and Awkwafina Each Land a Cover of Marie Claire’s 25th Anniversary Issue

It’s safe to say that Marie Claire has been our go-to magazine of late, largely due to the fact the magazine is currently the gift that keeps on giving following flawless covers featuring the likes of Cara Delevingne, Missy Elliott and Tessa Thompson. Now Marie Claire drops its October 2019 edition (which just so happens to be the title’s 25th anniversary issue), making Kacey Musgraves, Megan Rapinoe, Lilly Singh and Awkwafina cover stars in the process. Photographed by Thomas Whiteside and styled by Ryan Young, the ladies go solo on their respective covers, leaving our forum members to champion their favorite.

US Marie Claire October 2019 : 'She Is The Future' by Thomas Whiteside


“I have absolutely no idea who these women are (except Awkwafina), but this young version of Demi Moore lady looks good!” shared Srdjan.

“Kacey reminds me a bit of Demi Moore,” echoed KissMiss.

“I can’t believe they airbrushed Kacey into looking like Demi Moore. She does remind me of her beauty, but certainly doesn’t look like that in real life. This is a good lineup, though, even if not every cover hits the mark,” declared dodencebt.

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“Kacey reminds me of Cher when she was photographed for Vogue in the 70s by [Richard] Avedon…” proclaimed Mihail Mihailov.

“Kacey looks like an amalgamation of several people in drag,” stated SophiaVB.

“Only like Awkwafina‘s cover. That angle is very flattering to her face shape. Kacey looks like budget Cher/Kim Kardashian cosplay,” expressed Benn98.

GivenchyHomme certainly wasn’t happy with the outcome: “My god, they look like robots on the covers. Absolutely no personality.”

“Interesting choices in regard to the cover stars…but these covers are really not very good,” commented kissmesweet.

US Marie Claire October 2019 : 'She Is The Future' by Thomas Whiteside


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Lady Gaga’s Allure October 2019 Cover Gets Mixed Reviews

Lady Gaga is set to become a makeup mogul thanks to her new beauty brand Haus Laboratories. So what better way to promote your new makeup range than on the cover of Allure? Gaga is the mag’s October 2019 cover star sporting a face full of her own makeup applied flawlessly by makeup artist Sarah Tanno. Photographed by Daniel Jackson with Nicola Formichetti on styling duties, the Oscar-winning songstress poses before a stark white backdrop, allowing the fierce makeup look to do all the talking for the commanding cover shot.

Allure October 2019 : Lady Gaga by Daniel Jackson


The cover received mixed feedback from our forum members. “I like that Allure cover, mainly for its unabashed focus on a made-up face. None of their usual ‘natural is best‘ coyness when a celebrity wants you to put their products front and center,” admired tigerrouge.

“Instantly liked this upon first look, love the lighting, the makeup and the overall fierceness from Lady Gaga here. I can appreciate the simplicity of the cover, how the white background and minimal cover lines allow the image to do the talking…” echoed vogue28.

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“The makeup is on point, the hair is not,” called out fluxxx.

“I love it, I don’t mind the hair…actually looks good,” confessed jorgepalomo.

Marc10 felt the same way: “I for one quite like the hair. It’s different and forms a really cool silhouette.”

Forum member aracic wasn’t so quick to bash the outcome. “God, she’s so beautiful and striking that the horrible hair and cheap-looking ‘turban used as a dress’ completely fade away.”

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Demi Moore Bares (Almost) All on the October 2019 Cover of Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar hasn’t exactly been winning over our forum members lately and with the unveiling of each issue, the magazine only seems to be getting worse. We were left dumbfounded over last month’s Alicia Keys offering, were less than thrilled with yet another Jennifer Aniston cover over the summer and Jennifer Lopez‘s February cover resembled every other cover of Bazaar. This month, Hollywood icon Demi Moore reappears on the title after a seven-year hiatus. Twenty-eight years after her infamous nude Vanity Fair cover, the actress bares all in the newsstand cover shot wearing nothing but a diamond Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet and a huge Lynn Paik hat (courtesy of Miguel Alberto Enamorado) as she poses poolside for photographer Mariano Vivanco.

US Harper's Bazaar October 2019 : Demi Moore by Mariano Vivanco


Our forum members were not impressed. “Demi Moore is still as gorgeous as ever. The taste level of this cover is not,” voiced dodencebt.

“This is a new low,” added phungnam96.

“It looks like Harper’s Bazaar has teamed up with Playboy,” said tigerrouge.

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“Jesus Christ, everything on here screamed at me when I opened the thread. Absolutely horrible!” declared aracic.

“An absolute travesty of a cover and a total disservice to Demi Moore! This type of photography and concept from both Harper’s Bazaar and Mariano Vivanco feels incredibly dated, comical and gimmicky beyond belief,” called out vogue28.

“Demi’s cover comeback deserved better than this dated mess of an image,” echoed zoom.

“Demi Moore used to be the biggest star in the world and now this,” stated mepps.

TaylorBinque wasn’t a fan. “Tatler has better fashion direction than this. What an absolute mess. Obnoxiously vulgar and extremely lazy.”

“The fact that the person who thought that hat was a good idea was paid big bucks. The world is really wild,” proclaimed Marc10.

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Olivia Colman Stars on Vogue’s Glorious October 2019 Cover

Anna Wintour has been throwing us all sorts of curveballs lately. She started the year off by making Priyanka Chopra the first Indian woman to star on Vogue‘s front cover. Then she welcomed newlyweds Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber for March and surprised us with Taylor Swift for September. For October, Anna surprises us once again with a beautiful and totally unexpected Olivia Colman offering. The Oscar winner receives the full Vogue treatment before the lens of famed photographer Annie Leibovitz. Thanks to Tonne Goodman, Olivia was decked out in a Dolce & Gabbana cape and pants plus a pair of Hermes boots for the occasion.

US Vogue October 2019 : Olivia Colman by Annie Leibovitz


“This is absolutely glorious!” declared KINGofVERSAILLES.

“Whoa this is amazing! Perfectly executed in all departments. After a string of duds, this is a refreshing home run for Vogue,” praised Marc10.

“Oh my god! This is absolutely glorious. Definitely their best cover this year. Olivia has such an interesting personality and is very talented. I’m also in love with the styling and the editorial so far. Pretty typical Leibovitz, but executed well. Also love how it’s not retouched to death,” said TaylorBinque.

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“Just beautiful!! Olivia really shines on this cover… This is when Leibovitz’s predictable style of photography really works,” complimented justaguy.

Forum member jaybee0605 was also impressed: “The best cover and cover choice of the last five years. I never thought I would ever buy an issue of U.S. Vogue again, but this is a must-have.”

SallyAlbright agreed. “OMG an amazing, intelligent, interesting actress instead of another Jenner or Hadid cover? I love everything about this.”

“This is really great from every angle. Even if it isn’t completely frump-less (honestly), it feels classic and a welcome change from the Insta-chasing sh*t we’ve seen too often recently on the cover of U.S. Vogue,” Fiercification pointed out.

“Please buy this issue! Show Vogue this is the kind of cover we want to see,” implored dsamg.

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Vittoria Ceretti Gives Good Face on Vogue Spain’s September 2019 Cover

Considering it’s September (the most important month on the newsstand calendar), you would think magazines would be willing to go all out with bold and daring covers. But Vogue Spain reminds us that sometimes less is more with its alluring September 2019 cover starring forum favorite Vittoria Ceretti. Photographed by Giampaolo Sgura and styled by Marina Gallo, Vittoria does preppy chic perfectly wearing a look from Hedi Slimane’s Fall 2019 collection for Celine.

Vogue España September 2019 : Vittoria Ceretti by Giampaolo Sgura


What more could we ask for? “Beautiful! I’m always here for Vittoria,” raved aracic.

“Scribbling all over the cover shot like it’s a postcard doesn’t detract from the sheer beauty of that face,” admired tigerrouge.

“Stunning as always,” declared jorgepalomo.

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Forum member vogue28 was also happy with the outcome: “So far, the September covers are proving to be a total washout…but the sight of the beautiful and unbelievably photogenic Vittoria Ceretti staring back at me is something I can’t complain about.”

“Love Vittoria and how her stare pulls you in and draws your attention!” echoed Mercury6181.

Although the cover wasn’t for everyone. “She’s so impossibly beautiful, it nearly makes up for the banality of literally everything else about this cover,” stated KINGofVERSAILLES.

Miss Dalloway wasn’t impressed, either: “God, not even her face can make up for such a drab cover! It’s September, why so glum? Leave that for October and other throwaway months!”

“Vittoria’s beautiful, as per usual, but it’s too basic and I see nothing interesting here. It’s an absolutely forgettable cover,” proclaimed Valentine27.

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Margot Robbie Deserves Better Than These Vogue Australia September Covers

There’s nothing we love more than our favorite fashion glossies championing homegrown talents (like British Vogue picking Kate Moss) and Vogue Australia has been doing a superb job lately. The title welcomed Elle Macpherson back on its cover after a 20-year hiatus last month and just tapped Margot Robbie to celebrate its big September 2019 offering. Making a comeback almost two years after her last cover, the blond beauty goes before the lens of Mario Sorrenti wearing various looks from Chanel, Christopher Kane, Alexander McQueen and Wardrobe.NYC selected by Christine Centenera for the series of unique and collectible covers.

Vogue Australia September 2019 : Margot Robbie by Mario Sorrenti


The covers immediately caught the attention of our forum members. “Not a single redeeming one for me! I don’t know why photographers and stylists always want to make her look edgy,” critiqued Benn98.

“What’s up with Mario Sorrenti and mediocre photography lately?” wondered vogue28.

“It’s always lovely to see Margot, but these covers are just meh,” expressed Nomar.

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An underwhelmed magsaddict agreed. “What a scoop — the director and star of one of the hottest movies of the year! Margot is really the Aussie movie star heir apparent of Blanchett and Kidman, but she’s let down here with weak photography and styling.”

But not everyone was left so unsatisfied. “Whoa, didn’t expect much from this, she rarely does it for me in print, but not a single bad cover here, love them all!” praised Miss Dalloway.

Vogue Australia September 2019 : Margot Robbie by Mario Sorrenti


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