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Rihanna Covers Harper’s Bazaar’s All-Important September 2020 Issue

Rihanna is newsstand gold. Whether the songstress turned fashion and beauty mogul is serving up stellar covers for British Vogue, giving American Vogue its best cover in months or looking almost unrecognizable on Interview, she nails it each and every time. So we aren’t surprised that Harper’s Bazaar invited the icon back for a fifth time with the unveiling of its all-important September issue for 2020. Photographed by Gray Sorrenti, Rihanna gives good face sporting a face full of Fenty Beauty and a white Fenty shirt on the newsstand cover (below). For the subscribers’ alternative (after the jump), she works a Bottega Veneta coat under vibrant blue skies.

US Harper’s Bazaar September 2020 : Rihanna by Gray Sorrenti


The covers went down as a real treat — for the most part. “Rihanna is always a welcome cover subject!” cheered aracic.

“Tens, tens, tens across the board!” raved dodencebt.

“THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! Great job, Harper’s Bazaar. This might be their best September cover in years,” approved crmsnsnwflks.

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KINGofVERSAILLES shared the same enthusiasm: “I quite like both covers. It feels relevant to the activism and social movements afoot, but not removed from the fashion and commercialism I want and expect from Bazaar.”

“Nice, always a pleasure to see Rihanna on magazine covers, but it could, undoubtedly, have been far better. They’ve certainly redeemed themselves after Rihanna’s May 2019 cover, which was almost headache-inducing,” critiqued vogue28.

Not everyone was shouting from the rooftops, however. “I’m sorry but Rihanna looks terrible! What a waste of a great cover subject,” disapproved RMDV.

San Marco described the outcome as “predictable,” but do you agree?

US Harper’s Bazaar September 2020 : Rihanna by Gray Sorrenti


Share your thoughts and see more from Rihanna’s cover shoot here.

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Gigi Hadid Photographs Bella Hadid for ELLE’s Digital August 2020 Cover

Our favorite fashion glossies keep resorting to alternative measures to deliver content given the pandemic. American Vogue dug into Irving Penn‘s archives for its answer to the global health crisis, while British Harper’s Bazaar relied on Ashley Graham’s husband Justin Ervin for its July installment. Now U.S. ELLE puts its faith in Gigi and Bella Hadid to produce its August 2020 digital cover shoot. Bella wears Fendi (selected remotely by Alex White) for the cover image captured by Gigi on the family farm.

US Elle August 2020 : Bella Hadid by Gigi Hadid


The outcome clearly failed to excite our forum members. “Here we go…” said an underwhelmed Miran.

“The nightmare continues,” voiced mikel.

“Stick to your day job, Gigi! I can’t believe Nina Garcia, who has such high standards when it comes to photography, actually approved this. It’s not even close to being cover-worthy, let alone Instagram-worthy,” expressed Benn98.

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“Well, this is appalling. Her neck angle in the cover photo is so awkward…” added honeycombchild.

“Wow, famous friends and family taking pics of each other in their homes during quarantine. How groundbreaking! How utterly original! I wonder why nobody thought of this concept before…” declared aracic.

“Everything’s so substandard. Put someone like Gisele Bündchen in a similar setting and she’d be modeling like the future of fashion depended on her. It probably does,” tigerrouge chimed in.

“As much as I love me some Bella and Gigi Hadid, this feels like a total nonevent. At the very least, the coloring is appropriate as we head into autumn!” proclaimed vogue28.

Check out the accompanying cover feature and share your thoughts here.

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Valentino Enlists an Impressive Cast for Its Fall 2020 Campaign

The global health crisis is forcing major fashion houses to get creative. Conventional photoshoots are out thanks to social distancing and travel bans. That’s why Jacquemus opted to photograph Bella Hadid and Barbie Ferreira remotely and Riccardo Tisci asked Kendall Jenner to shoot herself for Burberry’s TB Summer Monogram campaign. Now Valentino follows suit with its #ValentinoEmpathy Fall 2020 ads. Pierpaolo Piccioli joins forces with an impressive cast that includes Adut Akech, Christy Turlington, Janet Mock, Leon Dame, Liu Wen, Mariacarla Boscono, Naomi Campbell along with Vittoria Ceretti. The brand is even donating 1 million euros to Rome’s Lazzaro Spallanzani hospital to coincide with the campaign.

Valentino F/W 2020.21


A few images in particular stand out for our forum members. “I’m all for Janet Mock. Such a goddess!” admired helmutnotdead.

“Can we all just take a moment to celebrate the fact that Janet Mock is featured in this, a black trans woman in a high-fashion campaign is something we don’t see every day and should be applauded,” raved [Piece Of Me].

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“Liu Wen, Mariacarla Boscono, Christy Turlington and Vittoria Ceretti should have been the only ones in the campaign!” declared Mercury6181.

“Wow, Liu Wen is really serving it in this cluster-mess of a campaign. She’s even got the wind in the hair action going on! Should’ve just given her the solo campaign based on effort alone,” praised RedSmokeRise.

But the campaign wasn’t for everyone. “It can’t be a real campaign. It’s so bad, I feel embarrassed looking at this,” expressed a clearly disappointed avonlea002.

“I’ve seen more organized and cohesive Instagram feeds. This is terribly embarrassing,” echoed aracic.


Valentino F/W 2020.21


Check out the campaign in full and join the conversation here.

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You’ll Either Love or Loathe Kaia Gerber’s Vogue Japan September 2020 Cover

It’s hard to believe that the all-important September issues are already dropping and as usual, Vogue Japan is up first. And it looks like the industry’s obsession with Kaia Gerber is still going strong. In the last two years, Kaia’s made her third appearance on Vogue Paris, made her debut on British Vogue and has covers of Vogue Italia and American Vogue under her belt. Now Kaia is back on Japanese Vogue posing in a lace top and latex trousers from Saint Laurent’s Fall 2020 offering picked by Anna Dello Russo. The model looks striking in the sultry cover shot captured by Luigi & Iango.

Vogue Japan September 2020 : Kaia Gerber by Luigi & Iango


The styling and concept set off a fierce debate on our forums. “Sorry, but Kaia doesn’t fit the ‘femme fatale’ vibe…” critiqued burbuja8910.

“Honestly find this quite disturbing. She simply looks too young for this to not feel creepy,” added tipi1355.

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“It’s not a bad cover, but not September-worthy. Guess we have to get used to seeing this sexed-up version of Kaia now that she’s 18,” commented Summer Day.

“I love the styling, the hair, the makeup and the sexiness. Kaia looks fabulous! As always, I’m thrilled to see that Luigi & Iango shot the cover cause they do it best for Vogue Japan. And you can count on the mag to stay true to their vision! No gimmicks, no bulls*it — just fashion!” aracic pointed out.

GivenchyAddict was in the same frame of mind: “Saint Laurent, Kaia, Luigi & Iango, Anna Dello Russo — I’m in.”

Are you a fan? Check out Kaia’s cover feature and share your thoughts here.

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Vogue Paris Gives Natalia Vodianova Her Second August 2020 Cover

We’ve been singing the praises of Emmanuelle Alt over recent months as the editor successfully navigates Vogue Paris through the pandemic. First came a pair of dazzling Bella and Gigi Hadid covers followed by two equally brilliant issues featuring Mica Argañaraz and Natasja Madsen. Another Nathaniel Goldberg-shot cover comes our way for August 2020 as Natalia Vodianova returns to the French fashion bible’s front cover six years after her last appearance. Styled by Alt, the Russian beauty whips her hair in the cover shot while sporting a navy blue jumpsuit from Christian Dior’s Fall 2020 collection.

Vogue Paris August 2020 : Natalia Vodianova by Nathaniel Goldberg


Did the mag’s latest cover extend its winning streak? “Two white background covers by Nathaniel Goldberg in a row. It’s not bad,” confessed mikel the moment the cover dropped.

“I wasn’t expecting something this fresh and I love it,” raved kokobombon.

“Not my favorite cover, but you can’t go wrong with Natalia! She looks great as always and naturally Vogue Paris is once again the winner of the month,” agreed aracic.

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The cover didn’t sit well with everyone, however. “I honestly don’t get the love for this cover. It’s very mundane, even with the movement,” shared an underwhelmed Summer Day.

“Doesn’t seem much different than the previous cover and the blast of air has made the condition of her hair look awful, like it’s frizzy and lank all at the same time,” tigerrouge pointed out.

“Natalia isn’t the best when it comes to movement. She looks very stiff,” said GivenchyHomme.

“It could have been better. However, considering the circumstances, it’s still a decent cover,” defended MON.

A hit or miss? Check out the contents of the issue and join the debate here.

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Miriam Sanchez Poses on the Empty Streets of Madrid for Vogue Spain’s August 2020 Cover

Vogue Spain kick-started 2020 on a high note with delightful Hailey Bieber and Ana de Armas covers. Plus, the mag was praised for its symbolic pandemic cover illustrated by Ignasi Monreal. But the Spanish fashion bible has disappointed us over recent months with some questionable Laura Dern and Naomi Campbell covers. For August 2020, another symbolic cover comes our way featuring Miriam Sanchez. Photographed by Miguel Reveriego, the model poses on the empty streets of Madrid decked out in a Christian Dior creation courtesy of Juan Cebrian.

Vogue España August 2020 : Miriam Sánchez by Miguel Reveriego


How did the cover fare with our forum members? “When I look at this cover the first thing I see is the building and then I notice there’s a girl sitting at the bottom of the picture. Good thing she’s wearing red, otherwise she’d completely disappear from this cover!” pointed out aracic.

“Looks like a mood board with cut-outs. Yikes,” proclaimed MON.

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Sharing the same underwhelming sentiment toward the cover was Nymphaea: “Both the building and the red dress are beautiful, but totally don’t connect with each other in this pic. The basics are there, but the result is disappointing.”

“I’m only able to appreciate it for the fact that it captures a moment in time, a moment we all know too well right now — the stillness and silence of once busy streets. Other than that, the cover offers nothing else,” said vogue28.

“It had the makings of a good cover — all dressed up with nowhere to go, standing alone in the street like the last woman alive — but it ended up looking like nothing aside from the artificially saturated colors and art direction that see Miriam being out modeled by a stone building,” commented tigerrouge.

Are you a fan? Check out the contents of the issue and have your say here.