12 Foil Makeup Products for Next-Level Shine

Remember when sparkly makeup made us cringe because it brought back memories of the thickly applied glitter from our youth? Our stance on sparkles has certainly changed in the last few years. Now, we’re not just craving shine, but multidimensional luster — and beauty companies are eager to satisfy our need for grown-up glitter products.

Makeup artist Pat McGrath may have single-handedly ushered in the age of ultra-shiny makeup with her covetable metallic lip kits and eye kits launched last year. Her reflective offerings go beyond the usual gold, silver and bronze, giving us blues, greens and reds in shimmery foils. Since then, our penchant for all things prismatic has led other brands to follow suit with their own foil makeup.

Foil makeup takes the reflective finish we crave and boosts it to dazzling levels. The result is a makeup finish that looks like we’re using actual gold (or silver or red or blue) leaf on our features but without the labor-intensive application that comes with applying gold sheets. Foil makeup typically comes in the same easy-to-apply packages as matte and satin products, but foil makeup delivers a so-shiny-you-can-see-your-reflection finish.

The high drama of foil makeup lends itself well to evening, but those who cannot wait until after hours can add a prismatic touch by using foil as a highlight on eyes or cheekbones during the day. Similarly, a neutral foiled lip combined with an athleisure look is a suitable lo-fi day look.

No matter the direction, it’s necessary to have the right products, so we rounded up the best foil makeup products for next-level shine.

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