Flower-Fueled Beauty Products to Freshen Up Your Skin Care Routine

Now that we’ve officially fallen back, the winter doldrums are just around the corner. And with fall’s chillier temps (finally) arriving and the leaves falling, many of us are already starting to miss the bouquet of blooms from spring and summer. But the new season doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to flowers since we can still indulge via our beauty routines.

You’ve probably come across beauty products touting rose petals as a main ingredient. From body scrubs where the petals serve as a gentle abrasive to facial oils where they help hydrate and continue to diffuse the oil, many brands also favor roses due to their fragrant scent. But it’s not just roses that offer beauty benefits. Blooms like chamomile, indigo, calendula, globe amaranth, hibiscus and jasmine all add a potent kick to everything from facial oils to masks to mists to toners.

While you can’t always see the petals in products, some oils and waters actually suspend the petals in the bottle, creating a mesmerizing visual just begging for a front row spot on your vanity. So if you’re looking to put a little spring in your beauty routine, check out our roundup of the best petal power beauty products above.

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