Filter Makeup for a #Flawless Complexion IRL

All we need to do is look at the number of blogger collaborations and products with hashtag names to see that social media has influenced beauty as much as beauty helped us get addicted to social media. #Fact. Social media has also impacted the beauty industry with the creation of filter makeup products that promise to replicate the flawless finish we get from our favorite Instagram and Snapchat filters in real life.

It may not give us cute little dog ears or pink tongues, but filter makeup does one better: it uses innovative blurring technology to refine skin’s texture, minimize the appearance of blemishes and manage oil production. Plus, it leaves skin glowing, thanks to illuminating pigments. The result is beautiful skin that looks as good as our favorite Mayfair or Rise filters without the use of an app.

What makes filter makeup even better is that it looks good IRL and online. It banishes shiny foreheads and the dreaded foundation demarcation on the jawline for a #flawless photo finish anytime.

Ready to start experiencing the effects of filters in the real world? Scroll through the gallery above to see the best filter makeup products we heart.

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