Cara Santana and Joey Maalouf Partner for The Glam App


Image: GETTY

The latest on-demand beauty service — complete with hair, makeup and nail services at the touch of a button — is about to land in New York City after a February launch in Los Angeles. The Glam App was created by actress and blogger Cara Santana and celebrity hairstylist Joey Maalouf. “Joey started cutting and coloring my hair and I thought he was genius! I had the idea in October and I wanted to bring someone in from the hair and makeup side to help me understand that side and could be a voice for the stylist, and there is no one else I wanted to work with other than Joey,” says Cara of the partnership.

The two friends came together to create The Glam App, an on-demand beauty service that also serves as a “virtual agency” for its stylists. Given Maalouf’s background of freelance styling throughout his career, it was important for the business to not only keep the clients’ needs in mind, but also help artists build their client base and book jobs on a freelance basis.

“What sets us apart is the idea of the virtual agency for the artists. It’s a competitive field and when I brought this idea to him it was important to make the app be equally beneficial to the stylist as it was to the client. So, we created the concept of an agency where any artist can apply. We tier them based on experience and offer their services at different price points based on this. It’s fair game — anyone can build their clientele or expand their brand,” says Cara.

Artists vary from beauty school grads and junior stylists with a couple years of experience to veterans (who go by “VIP”) with five or more years in the biz. Users can select their service and decide which type of stylist they would like to pay for — the higher their rank, the more expensive the service gets. The Glam App, however, keeps its pricing competitive, with services starting at $40 to VIP stylists starting at $80. “Someone like me, who wouldn’t mind a splurge, would opt for VIP where as my brother’s girlfriend, who is a student in college, can go for a beauty school grad service at a more affordable rate. But you’ll never spend more than $120 for one service,” Cara explains.

So whether you’re a professional or in need of a glam session on the go, check out The Glam App, available on Apple’s App Store now.