This Breakthrough Product Will Turn Any Skincare Serum or Moisturizer into Foundation



Whether you’re a foundation lover or still searching for an option that fits your needs, listen up because there’s a new beauty breakthrough from Cover FX that has hit the market — and we think it’s about to blow up. Cover FX’s Custom Cover Drops are pure pigments that can be seamlessly mixed with any liquid beauty products you already own, from serums and moisturizers to facial oils and foundations that need a color boost, to give you the coverage and finish you want. The easy-to-use formula comes in 24 shades and is perfect for every day and occasion, whether you’re in the mood for a low-key tinted moisturizer or for an evening where you need a little more concealing.

The drops work by using Flash Fusion Technology, so as soon as the pigment-rich fluid meets your beauty product of choice, everything but the color itself will disappear, without compromising the consistency or texture of the product. The pigments are coated with lecithin, a biochemical similar to our skin, which means the particles will smooth out imperfections and blend to perfection. It works on all skin types and we can’t get over how easy it is to use. To control your desired coverage (and flex your makeup artist skills), add one drop (for a sheer tint) to four drops (for full-on foundation) to your liquid product, mix it in with your fingers and apply as you would any foundation. We’re calling this one a game changer.

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops, $44 at Sephora