5 Beauty Rules to Break Now

Image: Imaxtree

Image: Imaxtree

There are rules for everything these days, especially when it comes to the beauty world. But seriously, who’s in charge of making up all of these so-called guidelines in the first place? Some of them are absurd, such as the one about not pairing a bold lip with a smoky eye. Have you seen the runways lately? Point proven that rules are meant to be broken, which is why we’ve created a list of our five favorites to bust now. It’s 2015 after all, time to live on the edge a little. 

Don’t Pair a Bold Lip with a Smoky Eye

When done properly, a smoky eye paired with a bold lip is absolutely stunning. There’s no need to go with a nude lip if you’re going darker on the lids, or vice versa. It all boils down to choosing appropriate eye colors. Unless you’re a pro, you should always avoid black eye shadows. They’re really difficult to work with and will overpower your entire look. It’s best to start with neutral colors like brown and taupe, and slowly build up coverage. As for the lip, that’s the fun part. Choose from bright reds to deep plums — the options are endless.

Only Wear Bronzer During Summer

Bronzer is a must-have in our makeup bag all year long and we’d be lost without it. While we tend to go heavier on the bronzed goddess look in summer, the right dose of bronzer will also give you life in the dead of winter. Our rules are simple: go with a more golden matte shade in the summer, as they have a deeper effect, and a lighter shade with shimmer in the winter. Using a fluffier blush brush will also help to dust the perfect amount of color on your cheeks, in case you’re worried about overdoing it. 

People with Oily Skin Should Only Use Oil-free Products

This is perhaps the most misleading beauty rule of them all. While oil-free products do get rid of oil temporarily, they’ll actually trick your skin into producing even more oil over time. Yes, you read that right. Your skin will start making up for the oil that’s being stripped away, which can lead to breakouts and more. Keep oil at bay by properly moisturizing your skin and keeping it hydrated. And remember, oils will actually help normalize your skin.

Your Lip Liner and Lipstick Must Match

This might have been the norm back in the day, but definitely not the case now. While you do want to stay in the same color range to some extent, matching is not necessary. Blending and mixing is all the rage, and you can even make your pout appear fuller by using a slightly darker lip liner shade underneath your lipstick. The latest trend, which is one of our favorites, is to completely line the lips with your favorite lip liner shade for a long-lasting lipstick alternative. 

Always Match Foundation to the Jawline

Your jawline doesn’t get as much sun exposure as your face does, so why would you try to match a foundation shade to an area that’s not accurate? Our thoughts exactly. The best place to do a shade test is on your neck or chest, which get more sun than your jawline, but less than your face. The result is a seamless transition between the face and the chest.