10 Problems Only People with a Cowlick Will Understand


Image: Imaxtree

As if a bad hair day wasn’t dreadful enough, some of us have a pesky, permanent problem that we didn’t seem to outgrow at age 5. We’re talking about a cowlick. A cowlick happens when hair grows out in a spiral pattern, which causes the hair to not lay as flat as the rest of our hair. Many times, the unruly hair will stand up and cause bumps that pop out — which is even more bothersome when they happen to live along your hairline. In many cases, cowlicks disappear or become less prominent with age, but some of us are stuck with this rebellious growth that is a pain to tame. Here are 10 things only people with a stubborn cowlick will understand.

  1. You can forget about bangs unless you have the patience to style them every single day.
  2. The cowlick dictates where your part goes — no matter how hard you try to change it up. 
  3. Having to withstand an abnormal amount of heat on your face while blowdrying the sucker down.
  4. But then seeing the gratifying effects of the heat blasting when your cowlick blends into your hair.
  5. Hairline envy is a real thing, and you always notice everyone’s hairline.
  6. You’re considering laser hair removal after reading about Kim Kardashian’s experience.
  7. Wishing that one day you’ll finally outgrow it — knowing that it’s highly unlikely, unless you go bald.
  8. Air drying your hair means seeing the true madness of the cowlick, and then having to grab the flat iron to tame it.
  9. Treating yourself to a solid blowout is amazing and for a few days, you forget you have a cowlick.
  10. Owning your weird hair because you have to live with it and you may as well just let it be and deal with it as you can.