How to Shop for Drugstore Acne Products: A Dermatologist Weighs In

Breakouts have awful timing — they blindside us and don’t discriminate based on our age (although teen years can be the toughest). We leave the more serious cases of acne to the professionals, but when it comes to mild to moderate acne, the options available at local drugstores are economical and provide great results. “There are two basic over-the-counter acne products; cleansers and leave-on treatments,” explains Dr. Joshua Zeichner. “Within those categories, there are foaming and hydrating cleansers, masks, spot treatments and full face leave-on products.” With the overwhelming amount of acne products that fill the shelves at local drugstores, picking one that best suits your needs can be tough. Dr. Zeichner gave us some tips on things to look for, things to stay away from and his professional advice on the best drugstore acne products available.

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