6 Scar-Erasing Products That Promise to Repair Your Damaged Skin

They’re unavoidable, often red, unsightly and are a self-confidence buzzkill. Whether you’ve had a baby and are dealing with rope-like stretch marks or you’ve battled acne for years and have been left with multiple red marks, most people have scars somewhere on their body — and they are often very tricky to treat and conceal. 

Scars form when the epidermis or outer layer of skin is damaged. The body responds to any trauma by producing collagen in an attempt to heal and repair. The result? Pink, red and raised scars. While there are many options to smooth scars and reduce redness, from simple and cheap, like vitamin E oil, to expensive, like laser resurfacing, we’ve rounded up the best six products to help your skin speed up the process of returning to normal tone and texture.