Limited Edition Palettes: Unique or Useless?

Limited edition products are hardly new but as of late we've seen a massive surge in what can only be described as useless artistic palettes. From luxury brands such as MAC and NARS to UK drugstore favorite No. 7, we've seen eye shadow and blusher palettes that feature intricate designs either sprayed on or baked into the powder. But are they really worth the investment? Sure they're pretty and collectors items, if you're into things like that, but for the most part they aren't practical, and if you're looking to buy an eye shadow palette, you want to be able to use it.

MAC Street Art PaletteGuerlain Eye PaletteMAC; Guerlain

For example, the MAC Street Art Palette from the Art of Powder Collection (above, left) features six colors in a graphic design. While the set itself might boast a heavier than normal weight (0.31oz, meaning more product for you to use) the design limits you to the point where there are some colors that you can't even access without blending into an adjacent shade. While the Street Art Palette's colors run true through the whole of the palette, they aren't just sprayed on with the exception of the small amount of silver, some palettes are more practical with their designs printed onto the top layer of product, leaving you with a usable color once you get past the initial layer. The No. 7 Palette (below, right) is a simpler design that, while less aesthetically exciting, stands a chance at actually being usable.

MAC Art of Powder HighlighterNo 7 PaletteMAC; Boots No. 7

While these products aren't very useful for your eyes, as they take much more effort to apply than they're worth, the concept is perfect for bronzer and blush colors. A multi-tonal pink-shaded bronze or shimmering beige provide the perfect opportunity to have a multi-faceted, easy to use product with the added benefit of aesthecits. Collector’s lipsticks and shades have been an inherent part of beauty ranges for decades but this less practical version just doesn't make sense. When purchasing a limited edition product it's either to supplement a collection (if so, fair enough) or for bragging rights — and it's hard to brag about a shadow palette that you can't even use. It seems illogical to buy an eye shadow palette at a much higher price, that no one will be able to see.

Will you buy a special edition palette this season?

NARS Holiday PaletteLancome Shadow PaletteNARS; Lancome

Photos:, NARS, MAC, Nordstroms